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Infotainment BroadcastUsing our Patented Technologies we intent to provide automated informative audio broadcasts in mass public places, seamlessly.

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Reach Targeted Audience

Broadcast your audio campaign from a single point and reach your targeted audience who are present at different locations.
Bill Payments and Recharges

Unique & Informative

Specially designed audio campaign to engage maximum number of audiences.
Offers and Rewards


As the content is in Audio form so no scope of skipping/ignoring the campaign.
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Clear & Concise

Uninterrupted sure shot playback to the target audience.
Transfer Money Anywhere

Cost Effective

Efficient and cost effective as compared to other medium.

Infotainment Everywhere!Now enjoy infotainment broadcasting in Railways, Airports, Cafes, Shopping Malls, and many more places.






Shopping Malls

Working Place

Petrol Pump

We look forward to working with you to make the most effective marketing campaign!

This is one of the unique platform to reach your target audience & provide them information along with entertainment. Also, this platform helps to broadcast real time information in case of emergency.

Tushar Gogri - Director, TG Connect