Transforming the World with Internet of Things Development!We create a smart connect between people, machines and processes for unified functioning by harnessing the growing potential of IoT development.

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Digital Transformation

We serve as a technology partner to enterprises, across industries, with a focus on enabling them to create and sustain value through the transformative power of advanced technologies.
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Enterprise Solutions

Our Enterprise Solutions help you enhance performance, deliver better service, improve customer experience, and reach faster to market demands.
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Product Engineering

We are the Technology Partner that helps you build world-class products and engineer your growth. We have honed a comprehensive approach to product engineering that covers the entire journey.

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Our PortfolioA trusted technology partner for organizations, looking to leverage the power of digital technologies for better customer service, sustainable business growth and competitive advantage.

In this digital era our innovative solution ATMO is helping to create a new platform for digital advertisement along with unique entertainment, information and connectivity requirements of today's consumers.

Innovare Signs is a feature-rich, sensor based embedded signboard system designed to alert visitors or employee from any hazardous conditions.

ADIO is an infotainment system designed for elevators to provide the ultimate user experience, allowing consumers to enjoy the information and entertainment on the go in a shorter period of time.

We are pleased to introduce Digital Safe. Easily store and keep valuables safe at home or office with this digital safe; works with your own customised digital code you program.

Innovative PA System with Remotely Monitoring, Pre-Scheduling & Real time broadcasting feature.

Why choose Atom O'Sphere as your IoT Development Partner?

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Business Value Across Markets

Discovering the true potential behind collecting and analyzing data from connected devices, we serve the widest industry base with endless innovative ideas.

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Strategic Consulting

Before starting work, we suggest ideas for IoT based automation systems or converging them with existing processes.

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Earliest Adopters

Passionate about new-fangled technology, we started our innovation and design-focused services for IoT devices since its inception.

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Highly Motivated & Innovative

To provide the best tech IoT, our team comprises highly creative and quick minds to provide hands-free connectivity to users for different operations.

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Disciplined Infrastructure

Unlike screwing up with freelance developers due to hardware and software infrastructure problems, our company has everything arranged in place.

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Seamless IoT Integration

To make IoT data available easily across the enterprise, we connect the IoT solutions with your ERP, CRM, EHR and more.

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Perfect Execution

Our strategy encompasses all the five major layers of an IoT solution - Device, Communication, Cloud Services, Applications and Security.

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Faster Delivery, Reduced Costs

We value our client’s time and money and thus, ensure to deliver every project on time and within the promised costs.

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I want to express my appreciation for the wonderful job and the excellent service that Atom O'Sphere did by creating first ever such infotainment system.

Nikhil Sheth, Director, ISP