India’s First secure OFFLINE Digital Payment Solution for
a Cashless Society! We are bringing India’s First secure OFFLINE digital payment solution for a cashless society with 100% inclusion.
Join us today and progress with us in this journey of digitisation.

Digital Payment Collection Tools

Solution for us and others!

The world needs a global solution which can handle instant payments or exchange of any type values, even complimentary currencies, without costly middlemen.

Digitise your cash collection

In-house Proprietary Ownership

With more than 33 years’ experience the team decided to make the new solution-suite using 100% OPENSOURCE and independent. No Database Licenses, no third-party licenses at all. The solution is also hardware independent and totally scalable and can for its many services dynamically utilize cloud-resources.

Loyalty and Rewards

Real-time mobile settlement without GPRS

Our concept of payment solution was developed based on the fact that NOT everyone has internet nor do the mobilephone operators always have internet connectivity. Transactions execution can alternatively use USSD or Data connection, GPRS.

360 Degrees Support

Device independent solution

Our concept is device dependent, which means that it can easily adopt to any market situation, without being stuck in a corner. We prefer web based services rather than device dependent apps, but we also have APIs which other developers can use our services.

OFFLINE Digital Payment Solution

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Touch to Pay

It’s easy to use and allows customers to make a payment by simply touching the AtomNet Pay device

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Seamless Payments

Customers can make seamless payments without even connecting to Internet & GSM.

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Flexible & Low cost

A low cost AtomNet Pay device that requires minimal integration and does require purchase of hardware or software to start accepting digital payments.

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Works without Bank Account

Immediate confirmation on payments made & does not require any Bank Account.

Presenting NAV-eCash Card - The Better Way!

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It’s Free

AtomNet Card is free

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It’s Practical

Customers can make seamless payments with AtomNet card or AtomNet Wallets.

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It’s Safe!

AtomNet Pay solution is built upon a secure way of using NFC technology and a smart chip-based wallet on any card.

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It is Pre‐Paid, you load and then spend.

Connect with us to make India the Largest Cashless Society in the World!

After the bold and disruptive decision of Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, We have closely worked with our high performance tech team to bring the advanced offline payment solution platform in India to create a cashless society. As a result, we successfully deployed our systems at INS Vikramaditya in association with SBI & FSS.