Taxi-Top LED AdvertisingIntroducing digital Taxi-Top displays on UBER cabs which let you identify and select the exact areas of the city, where you want to target your campaigns. We can carry the story of your Brand, Promotions and Offers to the last lane of your city. Create your own engaging and highly-targeted digital creative that moves across the city where your audience lives, works and plays.

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Hyper-local Outdoor Reach

Create a new form of awareness with your target audience throughout the city, with pin-point accuracy. Identify and select the exact areas of the city, where you want to target your campaigns.
Bill Payments and Recharges

Creative Flexibility

Customize and sequence your creative messages in real-time, based on geo-location and day-of-the-week. Effortlessly publish multiple creatives in different areas of the cities with a simple click.
Offers and Rewards

Real-time campaign analytics

Total no. of campaign impressions, total campaign hours, detailed geo locations for each published impression and a comprehensive report detailing the exact location, date and time of each impression.

Make Your Brand Unmissable!

With each screen running 100+ kms, our 300 smartscreens cover 30000+ kms of city streets every day.

At an average run of 12 hours a day, our smart screens deliver 3600 hours of screen time every single day.

Around 1.3 million 10 sec. image impressions are published every day throughout the city streets, 24/7.

We cover Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai into 100+ locations, enabling precise geo-fencing and scheduling of your campaign.

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Tushar Gogri - Director, TG Connect